How We Do Christmas

Most of you readers know that I'm part of a nebulously defined but very real and enthusiastic pipe smoking video discussion ring on YouTube. Most of the videos are directly related to pipes, tobacco, or to the relationships we've built with each other as pipe smokers. Videos tend to be short, usually around five minutes.

I've recently begun a series of longer 30+ minute videos, half for pipe community consumption, half for a general audience. I wasn't at all sure how people would respond, but it seems to have been a hit, at least with a few people (which is all I need!).  They're designed so that you could watch if you wished, but are meant to be played in the background while you smoke your pipe and whittle, or shuffle papers, or build model boats, or whatever it is that you do.

The latest was a request video. I was asked about what I and my family "do" for Christmas. Hope you enjoy.

What Christmas Is: 00:33
Commercialization of Christmas: 06:33
Ruining Santa Claus: 16:28
The Kids: 26:45