Advent Celebration with Pipe Smoking Priest

Look what I discovered while browsing online re the 'O' Antiphones of Advent and Christmas time! A pipe-smoking, bearded, Christmas-loving priest. Here he blogs about the Rex Gentium, King of the Nations. And here is music and reading to accompany.

I might have to come up with an excuse to interview him about his pipe smoking...that's quite a pipe. Is anybody able to identify it?

Update: answer provided by the man himself. Somehow he found my tweet linking to this post, and he replied:

"It's a BigBen Churchwarden 'Lord', bought in Oxford and smoked in the 'bird and baby' on the last day it was legal to do so!"

Thank you, Malcolm Guite. And what a history!


  1. Good to find you here. I delight in the exercise of every one of the human arts you mention in your side bar, to which list I might add sipping whiskey, composing sonnets, and engaging in furious and friendly argument. I am blowing a smoke-ring in your direction.


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