The Mustachioed Understand

It's true, I'm proud to be a mustache owner. Not as proud, admittedly, as I am of being  a beard owner, but I try to be the sort of beard owner that allows his mustache a little independence. I honor and respect the mustache. Tom Selleck is an American hero.

But as all of you know, the mustache (and Tom Selleck, for that matter) does not only belong the manhood of America, but to that of the world entire. And if you sport a mustache, you understand the instant bond of camaraderie that forms between the mustachioed.

Although it is better to embrace than to exclude, we know from the work of Miroslav Volf that without exclusion, there can be no sense in which forgiveness and inclusion exist. It is in that context that I submit this video to you.


  1. I just noticed that one of them, significantly, is drinking tea. Hm...

  2. I sported a rather full mustache for a very brief time. It's an intense kind of experience that is to be enjoyed wisely and responsibly. Could it be said with great mustache comes great responsibility? I think so.

    And for your comment above, sir, far more significant is the fact that he is drinking tea made with a tea bag.


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