It's Better Than Yours

Found this thanks to Paul of Rex Wax (mustache waxes). It's interesting to ponder the tension in the different reactions mustaches elicit. Promises of mustache rides notwithstanding, the reactions of women to mustaches are varied, even among the lovers of mustaches. My wife loves a good robust beard on me, but doesn't particularly enjoy the amorous play of a strong mustache. Even if, perhaps especially if, I've waxed the long mustache off my lip for better kissability.  But if I ever shaved the mustache off, she would keen and wail in lovelorn grief.

Perhaps the solution is to be as deliberate, thoughtful, and attentive to the 'stache as this fellow is.


  1. Hilarious post. Everyone missed your family at Thankfest! The men shared stories about you!

  2. I heard an old college friend came by. It's nice to know there are stories to be told!


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