Featured Beer Drinker: Kristian "Jan" Lindberg

Name: Kristian Lindberg though some call me Jan

Websites: facebook, twitter.

Profession: Musician

Location: NY, NY

Years as a craft/fine beer drinker: 8

Favorite styles: Amber to dark ales that are malty with minimal hops and carbonation.

Favorite beers: Cigar City Maduro, Abita Turbo Dog, Keegan Ale's Mother's Milk, Lake Placid Ubu Ale, Guiness, Duvel, Dundee Oktoberfest, Paulaner Wiesn Bier, If it's a hot summer's night there is something Heavenly about a Corona and lime. Yuengling is a great go-to beer. Budweiser (I know I will get flack for this. It is the first beer I ever drank and I can't shake the taste for it- or lack thereof.)

[caption id="attachment_8754" align="alignleft" width="428" caption="I am smoking Dunhill 965 out of a sanblasted Savinelli with a nickel band. The smoking robe was made by Ralph Lauren Purple Label."][/caption]

What's the best beer drinking experiences you've ever had? Nothing beats a cold one after...well......I don't smoke cigarettes ;) (editor's note: nicely put.)

What's manly about drinking beer? The Vikings used to bring beer on their ships in great proportion to water. The beer had a low alcohol content so they could still be used for hydration but enough alcohol to limit bacterial growth. Due the the brewing process it was fresher than water. I've even heard they would stop mid battle for a beer break, though I don't know exactly how that works. That's pretty manly in my book, even if I am biased from being half Swedish.

What was your most interesting/funniest/compelling/whatever moment as a beer drinker? The excitement I get when I discover an outstanding beer is a bit too over the top. I feel the need to share the news with everyone. With no regard for time of day or any other consideration- I call, I text, I post, I send picture messages of the bottle so there is no confusion. I usually feel the need to buy everyone I'm with a round of it and you will not get me to shut up about how this is the best thing that ever happened, for the rest of the night.