Being Read Poetry In The Bath

One of my favorite random habits that my family has begun is L'il Joffre's practice of reading to me while I bathe. I don't remember how it started, but of his own initiative six-year-old Joffre began to read from the Acts of the Apostles to me during my bath. And I'm definitely a bath man, for the record.

Besides Scripture, we've begun to read poetry as well. Joffre's reading of poetry (a different skill) has improved, and he's even developing a bit of a taste for the stuff. I am very aware and very glad that these interactions began because of his initiative and his enthusiasm. All of a sudden this time I was keeping, not wrongly, to myself, became a positive part of my relationship with my son. If I get the tub going, he always offers to read, and I usually take him up on it. We might visit some old favorites. He might suggest some poems he'd read recently be re-read. We might go for something new.

More than once I have found that the kids profit greatly from participating in the things that I am already passionate about. They prosper from doing my things. If I'm able to stoop without being insulting (to condescend in the older sense of the word), they feel far more privileged to read poetry with me or to hand me tools than they do when I play Legos with them.

All the profiting and prospering is, of course, pretty sweet. Bottom line, though: it sure is fun to chill with the boy.


  1. How great... Sounds like a relaxing bath time :)

  2. Got to agree with you. Your point about not being "too insulting" goes right along with how you speak to them. If you talk to them as they hear you talking to grownups, they have a better sense of how to present themselves and their thoughts in conversation.

    Bond on, my good man!


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