Being A Librarian Is Serious Business

The sign in the background of this picture (which, yes, was taken by a fellow pipe lover) can be purchased at the University of Salamanca's library. I can't see every word in the pic, but it basically says "There is excommunication reserved against the holiness of whatever persons rip or by whatever other means damage any book, parchment, or document of this library, and they may not be absolved until that book, parchment, or document be made whole again."


  1. Now that is serious! Too bad booksellers of the e-variety and publishers don't respect books the same.

  2. When I see people berak the back of their book it causes me pain! In that I´m even more sensitive than my wife - and she is the book-seller!
    So excommunication? It´s too good for them!



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