Review of Dogfish Head's Olde School

My brother-in-law (married to this woman) gave me some Olde School well over a year ago, and I finally busted them out, having followed the instructions on the label:
User Instructions: open bottle, pour contents into two snifters. Enjoy. ALTERNATIVELY: Walk hand-in-neck with bottle into the middle of the woods. Use shovel to dig 2x2 hole three feet deep. Seal bottle in plastic bag. Place in hole and pack with dirt. Memorize location and leave. Return exactly one year later. Dig up bottle, open and enjoy.

I poured a beautifully colored, slightly syrupy barleywine into my glass, the visual of which you can see in the video below. Note the glory of my mustache. Big boozy (alcoholly) aroma, with a hint of pear. The flavor was big on dark fruit, the pear leading into notes of raisin and fig. With the high alcohol content, there was a definite rum-raisin ice cream feel. Minimal carbonation, of course (too high an ABV for that), so that a light sip (as opposed to my customary hearty gulp) gave off a sherry/madeira feel.

A really, really nice beer. Worth the wait if you actually manage to forget about it when you bury/hide it. Which, thanks to my terrible memory, I did.


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