Fabulous Face Flocculence

At the ESPYs (last month?) San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson rejoiced in his bearded sleekness with this outfit. Many in the U.S. will have seen this, which is why I am glad to have a healthy chunk of international readers. This is what American sport is all about.

The bow tie is real, b.
 As ridiculous as that is, we must admit that it is also awesome.  The beard is not usually accompanied by a spandex tuxedo, which is why most mortals are able to, while being awed by it, behold it in the more pastoral setting of the baseball park.

The beard deserves a nod, and it gets one as a part of Topps' baseball card collection. Huzzah!

Based on 1880s tobacco baseball cards.
Thanks to Tyler for sending this to me. Preesh!


  1. Th world cup approaches... where is your "terrifying beard" post on Chabal? Hands down second scariest man in all sports.
    (Alexander Karelin is #1)... but he has no beard.

  2. Why I do believe I have that bow tie.

  3. I'll have to do Chabal, Brohammas. Truth is I tire of the Chabal comparisons each season. But he deserves a post, for sure.


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