Top 10 Modern American Mustaches: #5 Sam Elliot

And into the Top Five we go!

Sam Elliot's horseshoe mustache breaks us into that top half. Although his regular Selleck-type 'stache ain't too shabby, he usually rocks at least tips, and usually a little side chin growth to produce this beauty.

Sometimes you eat the bear.
Elliot's mustache has become the cowboy mustache. Bad guys wear waxed mustaches, good guys the horseshoe. This is a style I will attempt to sport myself in a couple of decades; for now, I know I am not worthy.

I believe I shall recite some Robert Service.


  1. I must approve completely with this selection. Each member of the list leaves me wondering "how could there be a better example of the american mustache then that? And you never fail to deliver!


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