Top 10 Modern American Mustaches: #4 Clark Gable

This mustache ruled Hollywood for twenty years, and even flew in five B-17 combat missions over Europe, which was something it didn't have to do.

After a mission on which one crewman was killed and two were injured, and Clark Gable was nearly killed, MGM pressured the Army to transfer him back to the U.S. When D-Day came and went without orders taking him away from the 1st Motion Picture Unit in Hollywood (where he worked on instructional films), he was granted a discharge.

The mustache then went back to ruling Hollywood.

Maybe MGM's right. Maybe I am too handsome and dignified to get shot at.

I wonder what my mustache would do if I wiggled my nose?


  1. So neat, so tidy. I would say the most gentle 'stache so far! Great addition to the league of extrodinary gentleman's upper lip adornment.


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