Top 10 20th Century Places to Live

Last night at the pub a gentleman approached rather mysteriously. He told me he had a time machine ready to launch back into the last hundred years, and that he had chosen me to be one of his ten passengers. He said that the machine would only be able to hop back in ten year increments, although anywhere on the planet, and that he planned on dropping off one passenger per decade until he'd gone back one hundred years. I would live for five years when and where I'd been dropped off, and would be obliged to report to him at the end of my stay.

When I agreed to do this, he suggested I make a list of when and wheres, since there would surely be competition between the ten chosen for the plum spots. I was given an address to meet him at with the others this morning. Although the ten of us showed up, the mysterious gentleman never did. I guess it does me no good now; here is my list.

2001: Valparaiso, Chile. Living the Mediterranean life far away from most of the world.
I would walk this street on the way to the bodega for my daily wine.

1991: Somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. I continue my flight from the current age...
Every evening I would wander through here.

1981: TrĂ¡s-os-Montes, Portugal. And sure, I'd come out from behind the hills regularly, Lisbon, Asturias...
This was taken in the '80s. I would definitely enjoy that pig.

1971: Philadelphia. The following has nothing to do with the TV show. Regardless of whether times are tough or not, the sun is always shining during the 70s.
The soundtrack for my stay in Philly would not be difficult to come up with.

1961: Outside Sydney, Australia. Although I would consider traveling with Graham Greene wherever it might be he chose to wander.
This is where I would raise sheep.

1951: London. Don't know exactly what I'd do or who I'd seek out, but I know I would smoke a pipe and enjoy a pint or two.
I like to think that it would be foggy all the time.

1941: Cairo. I could inspire a Ken Follett novel.
All right, there's a war on. We should still be able to get some good coffee.

1931: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. I can be a cowboy.
After we finish this tea, we'll go eat the best steaks you ever had.

1921: Matanzas, Cuba. Drink plenty of coffee in the evening, chat with poets in the heavy night air.
Cafe por la noche, con los poetas.

1911:Burton-on-Trent, England. Beer mecca. And I'm there.
This pub, or another? Or maybe one of the breweries?


  1. A complete response will take time and thought, and I am not known to have either, but if you want Philly in 1970 come on out as it looks pretty much the same.
    And perhaps its your Brazilian side but cowboys and tea?
    How bout Gauchos and Yerba Mate with no sugar?

  2. Gauchos and yerba mate is what I'm talking about. One of the gauchos is holding a bombilla.

  3. ...and believe it or not... right this moment... so am I.

  4. Totally awesome post, Joffre. You're inspiring my travel bug. Sharing this...

  5. Thanks, dude. I had a lot of fun doing this one.


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