Save Prince Albert!

Tonight I tried smoking from a huge jar of Prince Albert mixed with odds and ends that has been "cellaring" (i.e. not being thrown away but not being smoked). The two years I've been ignoring it have been kind to Prince Albert, but it's still got a gross little bite.

I'm loth to throw it away, but willing, if it comes down to it. Meanwhile, have you any ideas on how to save it? Leave a comment here, or if you'd like to put your comment where there's a little bit more interaction and audience, on YouTube (my YT channel is more popular and interactive than this blog).

Either way, if you can help me, maybe we can save Prince Albert.


  1. Had similar issues with other tobaccos in the past. I’ve tried these three with varied result. That being, they were more smoke-able than before.
    1. Cut heavy with a preferred blend. (A lb to cut is a bit much..this option is least preferable)
    2. Heavy wet with a preferred Schnapps, seal for a week, then open, shake, open…etc till desired moisture level is obtained.
    3. Heavy wet with “Woodford Reserve”…same as above but age a year. It’s not my everyday smoke, but when I want that ‘whisky kick” I’ll load a small bowl full and it suffices.
    Or…..just toss on the barbecue and the backyard smells wonderful for about five minutes. Nuff said.

  2. I'm already leaning heavily toward option 4. Option 2 seems good as well. And no reason I can't do it in bits.

  3. If you know how to create a casing, you could do that and teach us how. Not only would you be teaching your viewers and interesting skill, but you might just save yourself from having to throw out quite a bit of tobacco.


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