Review of Fegley's Blueberry Belch

I'd only had two blueberry-infused beers before I had Fegley's BrewWorks' Blueberry Belch.

My friend Chanson had the audacity to bring Wild Blue (from Anheuser-Busch) into my home a few years back. That was an awful experience. More pleasantly, I had enjoyed several bottles of Sweetwater Blue, which was thoroughly pleasant and not overdone. Still, you'll get an idea of the esteem I held it in, as a berry-infused beer, when I tell you that when I was a bartender I sold the Sweetwater Blue primarily as bombs. It was actually pretty nice, although the Blue was a bit over-carbonated for a bomb. The recipe, by the way, is twelve ounces of Sweetwater Blue and a shot glass of peach schnapps topped with half and half. Not shabby. Pretty girly bomb, it's true. But not shabby.

Anyway, back to the beer at hand.

Blueberry Belch is the best blueberry beer I've had to date, following the lines of Sweetwater Blue, and surpassing it. The beer pours as a clear, very lightly amber, heavily carbonated glass. The head's only lightly sticky and slightly spongy. The aroma it gives off is light but very strong, and exclusively blueberry (no beer smells); I don't know if there are any artificial flavors or scents in the Belch, but the aroma is clear and fresh enough that it seems not. The Belch is slightly sweet, and has a very light feel to it that is balanced by the lingering of blueberry.

Not a bad summer beer at all, and in my book, perfect for mixed company.

And the kids loved the label art. All the cartoon blueberries are belching loudly and aggressively, except for the lady blueberry, who is daintily covering her mouth and trying to hold the burp in.


  1. sounds like a good beer. you should try the black phoenix from bootleggers brewery here in fullerton, CA. ive had all their beers before and they are good!


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