Extreme Backyard Cricket at Altitude

Reader Mike W enjoyed a climb up New Zealand's Mount Somers, in the Southern Alps, last year. According to him,
Like absolute muggins we lugged the bat and ball up there (and it was a hell climb initially - levelled off nicely after the initial push). My mate wanted to bring his metal stumps up as well - we dissuaded him of such foolishness...
As for the strike (or whatever you call contact in cricket), "it's a rather inelegant lofted drive." Still, bonus points for general hiking badassery.


  1. Time was I never went anywhere without a cricket bat. Good show.

  2. Though my only experience with cricket is an afternoon of having a ball hurled high speed at my ankles by a bunch of Samoans while I tried to do my best golf swing, I have great respect for doing foolish things while hiking.
    Nicely done.


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