Saint Basil Cocktail

So I feel like I've invented my own cocktail, although I'm sure someone else who's had five beers and felt ready to move on to cocktails has come up with this at some point. Doesn't matter. All that does matter is that I've got that feeling of accomplishment.

I spent the evening in the garden with a friend, watching the kids while Kimberly taught his wife a little bit 'bout sewing. I have four kids and he has two, so I taught him a little bit about sowing. We picked a couple of tomatoes for the kids, let them eat them out in the yard. So I was in a certain frame of mind when my friend left.

We had a (amazing) party on Friday, and we still have a lot left over, including some vodka and soda water for mojitos. So here's what I did.

1. Grab pint glass.
2. Dump in half lemon (lime too sharp, I'm normally a lime guy, but there's no sugar in this), 1/4 cubed tomato (doesn't count if it's not from your own garden), 8 leaves fresh basil (ibid.)
3. Muddle that bright n' zesty mixture!
4. Add several (make sure it's several) ounces soda water.
5. Ice.
6. Generous vodka (make sure it's generous).

The basil floats to the top. As you sip, feel free to take some in and chew it. Just brightens up the whole thing in a pleasant, mature way. If drinking a mojito is like kissing your girlfriend, drinking a St. Basil is like a little afternoon delight with the wife.

That's right, St. Basil. Vodka, basil. Done.