How Insect Repellent Can Make You More Attractive

Twice in the past week the power of my favorite bug repellent has gotten me in good favor with the ladies.

Last Saturday I sat me down on a bed of clover, on a wee little hillside, to watch a little rugby. I asked a couple of women who were a couple of yards off whether or not they minded if I lit my pipe. Not only did they say that they did not at all, the older of the two praised the anti-insect effect of pipe tobacco (she was South African, and I'm starting to pick up the idea that South Africans are more comfortable with the idea of pipe smoking than Americans; yes, specifically pipe smoking).

This evening the wife invited me to sit out in the garden and enjoy the pleasant Southern evening. As I was about to ask if she minded my smoking, she asked if I'd be bringing my pipe "to keep the bugs away". We enjoyed a thoroughly pleasant hour, talking about the baby shower she'd been to, our friends, and this and that.

Therefore, lads, let your ladies know, if you have not yet: you can protect the party from insect life.

I did a video recently on tobacco of choice when considering room note. The comments on the YouTube posting itself are full of excellent suggestions for crowd friendly tobacco.


  1. Wonderful post. Great information for a newbie trying to establish and maintain a positive pipe smoking image to the wife. You mention chocolate manhood in this post. Who makes that and how can I get some.

    Thanks again for all the information... keep it coming. Matthew-

  2. Though one must be careful for in my particular case I have discovered that about all english blends work as a wife repellent, to which I find to be most unfortunate.

  3. English blends should generally be avoided around the wives, although Kimberly has been married to a smoker long enough that a mild blend like Hal o' the Wynd works just fine.

  4. Oh, and Chocolate Manhood is my personal blend. You can get it from Boda Pipes (, but it's just 2 parts black cavendish to 1 part latakia, allowed to sit together for a couple of weeks.

  5. On my last couple of camping trips, I've found that St Bruno and University Flake are equally good at repelling the infamous Scottish Midge!

  6. Thanks for the information on the chocolate manhood blend you created. I am excited to try and get my hands on some and give it a try. I am new to pipes and pipe tobacco and am trying to figure out what I like... a fun time indeed!

    Thanks again, Matthew-


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