Featured Beer Drinker: PopeCrisco

The most impressive and frightening beer 'stache you've ever seen.

Pope Crisco, but my friends call me Layne.


Soon to be unemployed supervisor in a call center for a large utility.

Currently Atlanta, but soon the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Years as a craft/fine beer drinker:
Well, my first beer was a Chimay, thanks to my cool older brother, then over the past 5 years I drank quantity over quality, and recently I’m back in the craft beer mindset. I also brew my own beer, but if what I brew is “craft” or not is debatable. So 15 years or 10, depending on your persective.

Favorite styles:
The style that is served cold. I am an equal opportunity drinker for the most part. Macro pilsners through quadruple India Pale Ales.

Favorite beers:
Anything brewed by Terrapin out of Athens, GA. If I had to choose two though, their Hop Karma, a brown IPA, their Hopsecutioner IPA, and their Rye.

What's the best beer drinking experience you ever had?
I have two: Thursday nights during a time in my academic life ended up with a roundtable of drunk English majors, and after his passing, every beer I shared with my father, who wasn’t really a craft drinker, but was eager to try anything I might bring home when I was in grad school.

I would call drinking beer a human endeavor, not really regulated to gender. For the sake of conversation the aspect of manufacture lends it to having a lot of upper body strength, and is a means to get a somewhatstubborn gender to shut up for a second and listen for a change. It’s hard to talk too much when your too busy enjoying good beer.

What was your most interesting/funniest/compelling/whatever moment as a beer drinker?
I’m sure I have some moments of humorous inebriation, but thanks to the drink, I cannot recall the story.

Miscellania you'd like to add:
Don’t waste your time being a beer snob. Shut up and drink, don’t worry that Joe six pack drinks sub quality beer. They know what they like, let them enjoy their poison. The only exception is light beer, that crap is like sex on a canoe.