Terrapin Tomfoolery Beer Review

I have a soft spot for Terrapin, since they're a regional-to-me brewery that's always well-featured in the Upstate, and I enjoy displaying a little semi-local pride. And it doesn't hurt that the Terrapin Rye is as reliably delicious as it gets; I require that a brewery have a delicious easy-drinker in order to break into my favorite houses.

For a few years Terrapin has been doing "Side Projects", and I've recently enjoyed Side Project #14, Tomfoolery. The beer lives up to its name, in that it's lighthearted and fun. If you're looking to be blown away, as you would have reasonably expected if the beer had been named Hopfoolery or Big Tom, you'll be disappointed.

Terrapin bills the beer as a "black saison", and that's what it is. Pours nicely, completely opaque, with a pretty sticky creamy-white head. Smells slightly spicy and fruity, but in a light way that belies the color. When you sip it...ah, there's the fun. Very light-bodied. Or, I should say, very unexpectedly light-bodied. There's a tiny little molasses/dark spice note, but otherwise it's like drinking one of your lightly floral saisons. I drank it as a late-spring day in the South began to draw to a close, and the beer was perfectly suited for that.

As long as you find reasonably-priced bombers, this is a no-hesitate pick up. A fun beer to drink with friends.


  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for it! I hope it makes its way out here. I just finished a growler of Master Thief by Grimm Brothers. Very nice, dark, malty goodness.

  2. There is a good selection of Terrapin offerings at the local beer dispensary: I do not remember seeing this Tomfoolery (nor did he have any Wake 'N' Bake). I enjoyed the Rye on Sunday, which actually may have been my first rye from any brewer. "Black saison" sounds very intriguing: like Avery's Collaboration Not Litigation dark Belgian ale I am on the lookout for darker versions of my current favorite styles of beer: Belgian abbey ales and saisons.

  3. The Rye's to be found on tap at many places locally. It's a go-to for me.


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