I Am The President of FIFA. You Cannot Question Me.

I had been meaning to write a brief post on sex and power in light of the recent Dominique Strauss-Kahn shenanigans (that's a good word for it, isn't it?). Alas that I never got around to it. Some of it would have revolved around the sense of entitlement and noblesse engraisser that the ruling classes of continental Europe have, and that their people seem to expect and even require. Alas, that the opportunity for a round of Euro-beating was missed.

But hey, here's another. And not unconnected to the entitlement thing. FIFA is being pressed more and more on accusations of unethical behavior and bribe-taking. I'll leave the details out. The important thing is that Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, has basically told everyone to go take a flying leap. Which he can do. 'Cause it's soccer. Everybody loves it and will continually to love it regardless of what FIFA does (great article in the N.Y. Times on that here, Accusations Are Replaced By Anger At FIFA).

Yesterday at a press conference Blatter summed it all up in a few brief words, which I absolutely loved for their transparency. "I will not answer this question. I am the president of FIFA, you cannot question me." So beautiful in its purity.

Inspired, I decided to combine the beauty and purity of the quote with the beauty and purity of Cristiano Ronaldo. You cannot question me.


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