God's Promises Concerning Every Drop

Every month at our TheoPub meeting, several themes are guaranteed to recur as the Reformed types and Roman Catholic types battle it out. One of them is the idea of how Creation is maintained. To what degree does God "interfere" with natural law? Is there such a thing as natural law? Does not God himself keep every single particle in its orbit?

Our two-and-a-half year old is being potty trained. He pees like a pee fiend, even saving pee for minutes at a time for his reward of raisins, or M&Ms, or almonds, or whatever. For the first time in a couple of weeks, today he tried to pee and couldn't.

He walked into our bedroom looking shocked and chagrined. "I can't pee for almonds. I'm empty. God needs to give me more pee."

I gave him a big cup of water so that I could give him some almonds when God fulfilled his promises concerning urine.


  1. LOL! That's the phase that we are in. It's always a judgment call when all he can squeeze out are those few tiny drops! Great moments.


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