Beer and Baccy With Chanson

Hung out with Chanson this weekend, who came down to Greenville for the 2011 graduation ceremony of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I've had several friends in the last few classes, most of whom I knew through my book shop, which specialized in theology.

A few years back there was a division among the faculty on a subject of grave and personal concern. When the seminary relocated from an older building to a brand-spanking new one, several professors who made a habit of smoking their pipes in their offices were informed they would no longer be able to.

The seminary did manage to retain the services of all their faculty.

Anyway, Chanson spent the night at my place, but before we bid each other good night, we hung out on my Southern porch enjoying the Southern air, smoking tobacco and drinking ale. He brought himself a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve, and me a bottle of Kasteel's Trippel. A great evening was had.