Collaboration Not Litigation In A Catholic Setting

Last night I enjoyed a little Avery Collaboration Not Litigation, a great little Belgian with strong caramel and banana notes, nice little 9% ABV swing to it.

Once a month a small group of guys gets together at my place for TheoPub, which is an evening of beer and theological discussion (according to the kids it's "not a party, it's a chat...about...things"). The participants usually bring a delightful beer or three. Last night we had several Abitas, including Jockamo IPA and TurboDog, Dogfishhead 90 Minute, Stone IPA, and the Collaboration Not Litigation.

The story behind this beer is of two brewers combining their beers instead of suing each other over identical names and similar profiles. According to the guy who brought it, who is a lawyer, Avery fields calls from lawyers all over the country looking for the beer. Lawyers obviously love the name.

Last night we had two lawyers in the group, a group which is half Roman Catholic and half Reformed. It was nice to have a beer that was catholic and charitable in spirit the way our little TheoPub group is. If you pick up the beer, why not raise a toast to Russian River Brewing and Avery?