Andy Ellis Moustachio

Super Rugby Crusaders scrum half Andy Ellis is growing a fantastic moustache this 2011 season. And it is a moustache, not a mustache, given its style and the fact that it is being worn by a rugby player (rugby is a sport where players get whistled for playing the ball whilst on the ground).

In recent weeks the moustache has begun to develop upcurled tips that keep their shape through the roughest of tackles. This image is from his jog back after scoring a try against the Chiefs this past weekend.

And here's a video of him in action.


  1. It is a glorious example of the unending potential of the moustach's endless possibilities.

  2. Hi Joffre! I've stumbled across your page on youtube and have really enjoyed your videos. I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand and the Crusaders are the team for my area!

    I have a degree in theology and have a semi-regular get together with a few of my fellow graduates and church leaders where we imbibe a choice scotch and (until recently) often a cigar. I say "until recently" because I've just made the shift from cigars to pipes and I'm really happy with that decision. Your videos have been interesting and informative to watch. Thanks and keep posting!!

    Tobacconists are few and far between in Christchurch a tthe moment following the destructive February quake that levelled much of our inner city. Do you know of any online shops where I could purchase some quality tobacco and where it could be shipped internationally? I'm not really sure what the customs regulations are for that kind of thing.

    Grace and peace.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! Importing only a few ounces (i.e. tobacco for an individual) can be annoying. I confess that I've sent packages to friends abroad without disclosing everything, not to save money but to avoid hassle.

    Just FYI.

    I'd try Boswell's. They excel at aromatics, but have a little bit of everything.

  4. Ok that's good to know! I'm going to have to make some American friends eh? You don't know of any online stores? I imagine that if it's so problematic then many places wouldn't go through the hassle. I'm smoking some borkum riff which I got from the local but it's not the nicest smoke - quite a lot of bite.

  5. The "pipe community" on YouTube is quite generous with sharing. I don't think anyone will object if you express an interest early on in exchanging tobaccos. I suppose your difficulty would be that you'd have to be able to provide interesting tobaccos as well! :-)


  6. Haha. Yes, that would be the biggest problem! The pickings are indeed slim.

    There may well be a market for a shop that offers interesting and tasty tobaccos. Something to consider for the future perhaps.

    Sorry, I didn't twig onto the fact that you were recommending the Boswell online shop! I've sent off an email asking about the possibility. Here's hoping it's favourable!



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