This Is Not A Pipe...But It Smells of One

En serio? Demeter Fragrance has a pipe-scented scent! According to them, it, like all their scents, "is not the thing itself but a very particular experience of it."

I'd love to get hold of some customer reviews and see what people have to say about the scent. Do the ladies think it's oh-so-hot. According to the wife, I may not buy it. The word is "No. You already smell like a pipe." And I do, all the time. Still, I suppose it could come in handy for those who desire to smell classy but don't have the time or ability to engage in this the classiest of hobbies.


  1. While the rest of the pipe smoking world wonders if the constant smell of pipe smoke is irritating to others, someone may actually WANT to smell like the ash tray without any of the fun of enjoying the thing itself. Man is a perplexing animal indeed.


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