Featured Pipe Smoker: J. J. Alvarez

Jeremiah Weisman Alvarez

Profession: Barber (propitiator of a good shave)

Location: The Great Desert of Arizona

Website: on facebook.

Years smoking a pipe: 9

Favorite blends: Royal Viking, Fox & Hound, Irish Creme

Favorite pipe(s): My Bjarne Viking Matte, my Savinello Doppio Filtro

Favorite pipe smoker: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Albert Einstein

What's the best part of smoking a pipe? The Manliness, rich culture, and of course the fine smoothness of a nice smooth smoke.

What's manly about smoking a pipe? It's a time lost art dominated by the dapper male

How did you start smoking a pipe? I spent a lot of time wishing for a handlebar mustache and reading Americana literature...it was bound to happen.

What was your most interesting/funniest/compelling/whatever moment as a pipesmoker? Being admired at a young age for mastering the art of packing/smoking a good pipe, the ol'timers at the VFW love it.

Miscellania you'd like to add: whether you spend $20 or $200, take care of your pipe and it will take care of you. Pipe smoking was a lost art that I truly believe is getting a second wind.