Featured Beer Drinker: Zach Landrum

Zach loves himself.
Zach Landrum

Website: ZachLandrum.com

Profession: Graphic designer/ Illustrator

Location: Greer South Carolina

Years as a craft/fine beer drinker: 6 or 7

Favorite styles: Porters, Stouts, Scotch Ales.

Favorite beers: Highland's Oatmeal porter is my go-to. Some of my favorite beers include, Oscar Blues' Old Chub, and their ten fiddy. Terrapin's Wake and Bake, as well as their collaboration with Left Hand on a beer called "Depth Charge". Highland's Cold Mountain is up in the tops as well. Young's Double Chocolate, New Holland's Dragon milk, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Rogue's Hazelnut Brown, and their John John Dead Guy.

What's the best beer drinking experience you ever had? Probably one of the many times drinking with the rugby club, but those stories should be left untold.

What's manly about drinking beer? The fact that drinking good beer will put hair on your face is manly enough.

What was your most interesting/funniest/compelling/whatever moment as a beer drinker? Probably the best story I have is that on my 21st birthday my brother and I were upstairs shooting pool at our local and favorite pub. My brother gave the bartender his ID to allow us to play pool, well he had to dip out and scoot back home so she asked for my ID. I gave it to her, and within a few minutes she called me back over to the bar and asked if that day was really my 21st birthday. I said yes, and she responded "you know I've been serving you beer for quite a while now" all I could respond with was "Yes, but I was responsible with my drinking". So all in all the only time I got caught drinking under age (I've been drinking craft beers since I
was about 16 or 17) was on my 21st birthday, when nothing could be done.*

*joffrethegiant does not endorse underage drinking. So say I and my squadron of lawyers.