Sweet Tenderloin and Flank Steak

This piece of meat was raised, killed, cooked, and eaten by the same family. According to Andy, "If we were able to gather all the poets throughout the history of the English speaking people, they could still not find the words to justly describe the taste of a Jones Farm tenderloin."

A strong and responsible connection to our world. What could be more human? Putting meat on the table. What could be more manly? Below is my favorite way of preparing a steak, which was first published by me on my sister's food blog.

I am a man. I am, however, no skilled outdoor grillmaster (starting a fire is one of those manly arts I never mastered, like changing the oil in the car). That is surely part of the reason I enjoy flank steak so much. Flank steak tastes great fried, which makes it perfect for the kitchen.

Of course, we can’t forget that I also love flank steak because it’s so delicious.

My preferred way of cooking a flank steak involves a hot skillet. Marinate the steak as you like. Preheat an old-fashioned iron skillet in the oven, at about 300 degrees. When the skillet is sizzling hot, take it out using an oven mitt and put it on the burner. Fry your steak, turning a couple of times, until well browned, about four minutes. Place the skillet back in the still hot oven, and cook for three or four more minutes. I like my steaks rare, and this is definitely a by-feel method, so experiment.

It is common in many Latin countries to serve flank steak, or any steak for that matter, with a cilantro sauce. That is recommended and delicious. This past Sunday I prepared a flank steak and decided to introduce the bright cilantro profile through another avenue: I chopped up most of a cilantro bunch and tossed it with olive oil and just-cooked noodles. A little salt and celery seed, plenty of black pepper, and there you have it. Skillet flank steak with cilantro pasta.

This ended up being a great Sunday meal: delicious, quick for the post-church “I’m starved” feeling, and plenty fat/filling, which I consider an important element of every Sunday. Total prep time was fifteen minutes.


  1. Deadly tasty looking steak! Wow! I'm going to dream about steak that is that good!


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