Best Tobacco/Drink Pairings?

What is your favorite drink/tobacco pairing? What's a very unusual ones you've enjoyed?

Both food and drink can work well. I've enjoyed nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits, cheeses, olives, and candies with different tobaccos.

Espresso always goes very nicely with a cigar, less well with pipe tobacco, except a strong-salty-dry Virginia. And there's so much variety in liquors and beers the possibilities are endless. What of juices? What goes well with apple juice, or coconut milk? I'd love to hear your answers.

  • This is what I have been trying to find lately....espresso and escudo is right up there for me.....three philosophers or other belgium style beer with nightcap is wonderful...or St George absinthe with ANYTHING is reality.....pipes go so well with coffee and alcohol that I think any pairing would have great features to it.
  • @greenfairypipe Not a big fan of absinthe...although have you seen the video I made of a traditional pour? Love Three Philosophers. Thanks for watching!
  • My perfect match would be dunhill nightcap with a glass of irish malt whisky
    great video pipe smoker
  • @dunhillmanuk Nice call.
  • moonshine+pipe=happiness
  • @nut100 Nice!
  • A warm pipe and some hot English tea.
  • @TristownDynamite You're an easy-going fellow, for sure.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh aromatic and a hot cup of tea with a dash of milk
  • @moojoomokney Tea's getting some good representation today.
  • My perfect pairing with any cigar would be Ron Zacapa rum!!! A nice latte goes very well with a lighter cigar, like an Oliva G, or a Cabaiguan. A Bourbon like Black Maple Hill is another favorite. Ports are also high up on my list with a stogie, Warre's 2003 being one of my favorites.
    With pipes I tend to stick to beer's, or a good strong tea like an Assam, or something a little lighter like Genmaicha.
    - Alex
  • @vasypher Sounds nice all around. I'll agree with the latte' if the espresso proportion is relatively high.
  • I'm in a port wine phase, excelent with english blends (and especially good with the slightly cased american style english blends).
  • @RequiemPipes Sounds nice indeed.
  • SG FVF + New Castle is my current fav.
    - Joel
  • @joelwashburn I have a lot of friends that like that, but when I would drink it I felt it didn't have enough carbonation. Maybe that is what some people find appealing about it.
  • @TristownDynamite As far as carbonation goes, I'd say English brown ales are about middle of the road.  Not nearly as much as American Lagers, but more than say bitters or Scottish ales. New Castle just comes off real full to me with just a hint of sweetness. A flavor that seems to mesh well with the sweetness of FVF.
  • @joelwashburn Good call.


  1. Prince Albert and Black Tea. Black Watch (light vanilla natural-aromatic) with chocolate or cocoa. 1554 with Black Mallory. Black Gold with a brownie and Guinness. Christmas Cheer with brandy. Navy Flake with drip coffee. Mississippi mud with Bourbon.

    I can't decide if I smoke too much, drink too much, or eat too much!

  2. Great hat. By the way. Great look.

  3. I like complementary combinations. A (dry) red wine goes well with VA-Per or Burley blends. I tend to combine (dry) white wine with English blends. Coffee calls for something sweet (e.g., MacBaren). For some reason, I typically don't smoke when I drink tea (or vice versa), don't know why.

  4. Eelco, those sound fantastic. It's funny, the comments have continued on youtube, and there are tons of tea drinkers...

  5. wow... this is the first time i finally see a topic about paring beer with pipe. ive been looking everywhere for this. im still mixing my own trying to find the right mix

  6. You should be able to find several videos on YouTube on the topic.


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