Ceci Est Une Pipe

A brief apology (in the old-fashioned sense) for pipe smoking.
The most enjoyable time of my work week is Monday mornings at eleven o'clock, when my friends and I walk across campus to the garden, dry off the benches, and smoke our pipes. The act forces me to slow down. It is part of a long history, and it is an excellent context for discussion.


  1. so beautiful, and deeply resonant. It shows the great importance of and need for pipe smoking. A "coffee break" simply doesn't accomplish the same thing. Coffee is about "GO!" The Pipe distinctly says "stop!" It seems that we need more stop signs in our culture to combat the destructive, results driven, busy-ness of our souls!

  2. Wow... lately I'm finding this kind of jewels! Thanks for posting this! Amazing!

  3. I'm glad, dude. Now I'm off to visit that blog you sent me to.


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