Don't Hate The Player

Here's a ranty ramble done for the YouTube pipe community, wherein I expound on Awesomeness.


  1. C.S. Lewis writes lucidly on Christian humility in the Screwtape Letters. The definition I gleaned from said article is the best I've found. In my own paraphrase it would be a gentle self forgetfulness and preoccupation with the God who loves us.
    If that definition can be allowed, then your form of awesomeness typifies Christian humility better than most of the false humilities Christendom provides. Your blog and your videos categorically defy any accusation arrogance or self-centerdness as very few of them are about you. Being secure in what the Lord created you to be, and his great love for you, enables to appreciate and lift the rest of us up (without the need to compare "awesome points"). It is a privilege to view the world through your eyes, and hear your point of view. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Chesterton said something like "Modesty has moved into the wrong sphere, from the self to the mind/belief. Men should be modest about themselves but confident in their beliefs. We are creating the opposite." (total paraphrase) That's my context.


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