Dom Flemons of Carolina Chocolate Drops on Pipes & Tobacco

Courtesy Nigel Bewley.
My wife and I have enjoyed Carolina Chocolate Drops for a couple of years, and today, I got to interview Dom Flemons! Woo hoo! A few days ago I spotted him packing a pipe in an interview, and reached out into the interwebs hoping he'd be willing to make some time to talk to The Giant. I was pretty optimistic about my chances, actually, because pipe smokers as a community are very much into...what shall we call it..."self-advocacy".

I hope you guys enjoy this interview (audio only) as much as I did. I think this is the band's official YouTube page. And here you can find a bunch of solo Dom Flemons videos.

You can find some great photos at Nigel Bewley's flickr. Photo in the vid is kindly provided by him.


  1. Sheesh, carolina chocolate drops are great. You're one lucky Son of a gun to get to interview them. My favorite chocolate drops poster, and by one of my favorite artist (Rich Kelly) -

  2. You are very lucky to have spoken with Dom, and we are lucky to have you sharing the experience with us. Thanks for this sir.

  3. Great interview. What a great character. "(as a pipe smoker) you're either a farmer or a college professor" I love that quote!

  4. An interview that en enjoyed top to bottom, didn't know about him, so double thanks!


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