What Is Thy Secret Manly Vice?

There are some things I like very much that I know I couldn't argue are particularly manly, and that's cool...yet not. For example, defending one's love of dessert wines might prove to be untenable.

But there are other things you know you'd get in an argument about if you were chilling in a smoke-filled room full of guys, and you feel good about your chances of proving the manliness of that which they've challenged. One of those things for me is Neil Diamond. I enjoy the heck out of some Neil Diamond. Some manly, manly tunes, boys.

So...what's your vice/pleasure/habit that is, according to you, and contrary to popular opinion, a very manly thing to enjoy? Let me know.


  1. Many of my hobbies...tea...pipes....vintage clothing..especially hats...most people don't get it

  2. Let's see here...I'm gonna have to go with knitting/crochet. How ya' gonna spin craft manly. I've attempted the whole "craft guilds controlling knitting were populated wholly and exclusively by men until the electronic knitters came along..." but nobody seems to be buying. C'est dommage! Also, Nora Jones. Dang.

  3. The movie "Mean Girls". Hilarious! Nuff said.
    I make no apologies.


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