Video of Tolkien Smoking

Yeah, there hasn't been a ton of original content this week. It's so easy to be lazy when there's all this great stuff out there. Think of this past week as an "aggregator week". Anyhoo, back to links of cool stuff put together by other people: a tip of the hat to Wyclif for sending me this video of J. R. R. Tolkien smoking.

By the way, how much (he asked rhetorically) do I love the fact that this is a video about a great English author with subtitles in Swedish (?) posted by a Frenchman! C'est beau, la vie.


  1. While it cannot said that all great men enjoy the pipe, nor that all men who enjoy the pipe are great. It is the salve of the soul to know that there were men who smoked the pipe who would not have been so great had they not.


  2. I watched this again a few days ago on account of it being Hobbit Week; that's what inspired me to send it along.

    Now that I've seen it again, I'm wondering what tobacco JRRT preferred. Does anybody know?

  3. Nice clip. BTW the subtitles are definitely not Swedish. My first guess was Finnish, but it turns to be Estonian (which is closely related to Finnish). Scratching my head, what would be the manliest language in the world?

  4. Nice pitcher of beer, there! Tolkien obviously appreciated the finer things in life.


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