Stride-By Manliness

My family and I were in the park the other day, just chillin' with another family. The kids were running around on the playground, and shooting nerf guns at each other on the grass. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a short guy in his late fifities/early sixties strides confidently onto the playground, muscles bulging, no shirt. He does some pull-ups on the monkey bars our kids had just abandoned, grabs a drink of water from the fountain, then starts doing these weird reverse lifts (which I know have a name but I can't remember) off a balancing bar near the ground. Then he strides confidently off into the afternoon sun.

This is what I was able to get. Don't mind me, y'all, just going for a walk in the style.


  1. This could mistaken for a homosexual blog

  2. I would have to appeal for a second reading of this situation. There seems to be a tension between the posturing peacock kind of manliness and the true manliness of old men. As much as we all appreciate the "techno viking" kind of manliness, this guy just doesn't seem to cut it (from the pictures and the account). I would put him in the, "False ways of affirming my manliness" file. But then I wasn't there. Those tube socks really do make a statement.

  3. Bradley, I basically agree with you. But I didn't want to write a piece tearing this guy apart; and I wanted to mention him. A guy on the facebook page raised the same point.

    You're right about the posturing, I think.

  4. That's what I love about you...far more merciful than I. Thank again for your posts. They are much appreciated.


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