September Giveaway & Cool Image

Hey all, time for my first-ever giveaway! The rules are: become eligible and gain one entry by either "following" this blog through google (the tool for which is lower down in the sidebar), "likeing" me on facebook (widget also in sidebar), or following us on twitter. You get an extra entry for every comment you leave on a post here on the blog, or every time you comment or like something I do on facebook. If you do a response to my giveaway video on YouTube, or if you fill out a Featured Pipe Smoker or Beer Smoker form, you get five extra entries. I'll draw a name out of a hat at the end of the month.

In summary: I'm stacking the odds in favor of folks who comment on the blog!

The prize is winner's choice between a brand new Newcastle Ale ball cap, or four ounces of the magnificent Bird & Baby Blend (a.k.a. Chocolate Manhood). A couple of reviews can be found here. Or here.

As an aside, I picked up a craigslist purchase from a couple up in the hills near Saluda, North Carolina. The woman's dad was a pipe smoker, and here's a caricature done of him years ago. I was allowed to take a photo.


  1. Ok, I confess, I have been following your blog for some time already. Don't know why, it's all trivial manly things. But hey, I do sport a beard and I do enjoy pipe smoking. I guess I like trivial manly things, just like you, I am just too damn cool (or too lazy) to blog about it. And your blog is just too sympathetic to ignore.

  2. Eelco, I appreciate the kind words. I don't mind being "simpatico". Cheers!


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