Pipe Smoking in True Grit

Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin...can't argue with that. And that Hailee Steinfeld looks like she does a great job in the five seconds we get to see her. This looks like my kind of Western. Dark in a Coen Brothers kind of way, and funny in a Coen Brothers kind of way...they've even included some galloping pistol-packing head-on gun jousting like in the original.

But perhaps most importantly, there's a pipe-lighting scene in this here preview.


  1. Guns and tobacco...what could be more manly?

  2. I refuse to watch the preview....this is a damn sin...its blasphemy...you want to talk manly? If there ever was a MAN...JOHN WAYNE was a MAN! The will always only be one Rooster Cogburn.....and one True grit...i usually enjoy the Coen brothers films...but this is a sin...i shall be doing a vid on this when it comes out...there are some things that just should not be remade by modern unoriginal Hollywood...just my 2 cents



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