The Manliest State In All The Land

The manliest state in all the land is, according to the readers of this here blog, the great State of Alaska. Alaska and Texas were, to no one's surprise, the only serious contenders. No one took seriously New Hampshire's pretensions, nor Louisiana's (actually, I voted for Louisiana, clearly not picking up on the bloggeist, which is that the most important aspect of "manly" is "tough").

For your enjoyment, then, I include this picture of Jack London, born in California but spiritual son of Alaska. Also, follow this link for some mentions of pipe smoking in London's work.


  1. Hooray for Alaska! Thanks for the link to pipe smoking in London's work. Great stuff. I still remember reading "Call of the Wild" with wide eyed wonder as a child...time to revisit that. Why do you suppose the landslide acceptance of the manliness=toughness? Clearly toughness is a factor, but there seems to be a hole or mis-proportion in our collective definition of masculinity. That or I'm just being a pansy. (To prove that I'm not above this...after my home state of Colorado, I would have voted for Alaska as well!) I suppose my hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  2. It seems I was a bit late to vote for this one....I can see why Alaska won...and a great picture of Jack London....but from the states mentioned ...the choice for me is clear Louisiana hands down...the sinner...and the Aristocrat in me could never live without New can find me in the Quarter :) cheers


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