Is The Industrial Age The Manliest Age?

As I write this out, the Joffre The Giant poll asking "Which is the manliest age?" (which you will find in the sidebar) is being dominated by The Age of Exploration. Gentle reader Nick C. asks that our readership consider the superior manliness of The Industrial Age, an age in which a cartoon like this could make sense. Consider well, kind men and sweet ladies. Consider well.

According to Nick, "This pic just screams, I'm American!! I work hard, and things get done with MY sledgehammer!"


  1. This post was so confusing to me at first, but only because my name is Nick C. and I knew that I had nothing to do with it. I just kept thinking, "Did I say that?"

  2. This wasn't Nick C., dude. It was Nick C, see?

  3. ya Nick C. is me! I guess the age of exploration is the manliness, I like Sir. Walter Raleigh baccy, and short pants with long socks.


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