Featured Pipe Smoker: Ryan

Profession: Writer/SEO Content Provider

Indianapolis, IN


Years smoking a pipe: 5 years (on again, off again)

Favorite blends: 
Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake, Mac Baren Vanilla Cream, Prince Albert.

Favorite pipe(s):
Peterson System Standard #305 (Smooth)

Favorite pipe smoker:
C.S. Lewis

What's the best part of smoking a pipe? 
 Relaxing, discovering new flavors, carrying on a historic past-time, and pondering while appreciating the piece of fine craftsmanship in your hand/mouth.

What's manly about smoking a pipe?
Smoking a pipe requires patience, self-control, perseverance... all of the qualities a man ought to have.

How did you start smoking a pipe? 
 I grew up surrounded by cigar-smoking Calvinists, and wanted to try something different. So... on my 18th birthday, I walked into Walgreens and bought my first Dr. Grabow pipe.

What was your funniest moment as a pipesmoker? 
 Walking in the park one day with my pipe in hand, and two young moms with strollers observed me and said, regarding my pipe, "It ain't workin' for him." :D

Miscellania you'd like to add:
I'm a Calvinist!!!


  1. Love the tobacco choices, and a great favorite pipe smoker! Still, too bad about the Calvinist thing. ;)


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