Featured Pipe Smoker: Paul V.

Paul V. / stpaulofminnesota

student / deli worker.

upstate South Carolina.

Years smoking a pipe:
I have been smoking a pipe for a little under a month.

Favorite blends:
Boda Pipes' Highland Whiskey and Dark English.

Favorite Pipe:
my only pipe which is a bent wooden corn cob (corn cob is the brand).

Favorite pipe smoker:
J.R.R Tolkien

The best part of smoking:


With pipe and book at close of day,
Oh, what is sweeter, mortal say?
It matters not what book on knee,
Old Izaak or the Odyssey,
It matters not meerschaum or clay.

And though ones's eyes will dream astray,
And lips forget to sue or sway,
It is "enough to merely be"
With Pipe and Book.

What though our modern skies be gray,
As bards aver, I will not pray
For "soothing death" to succor me,
But ask this much, O Fate, of thee,
A little longer yet to stay
With Pipe and Book

-Richard LeGallienne

What's manly about smoking a pipe?
The flame.

How did you start smoking a pipe?
I have always wanted to smoke a pipe and so shortly after my 18th birthday I decided to give a try and have been smoking ever since.

My favorite moments as a pipe smoker are the moments I get to spend smoking with others.


  1. I love that poem. I really appreciated the entire "Pipe and Pouch" volume. I had never realized how passionately famous poets cared for there tabak fix. Who could blame the, pipe smoking and clear thinking seem to go hand in hand.


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