Featured Pipe Smoker: Ivan F. Belvis

This is not the Ivan Belvis of Featured Beer Drinker fame. It's his brother!
Ivan Fernando Emannuel Belvis Navarro

US Marine, full time college student

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Years smoking a pipe: 
9 months

Favorite blends:
Honey Smoke, Old Dublin, Kings Ransom, Poochie’s Blend, Christmas  Cookie

Favorite pipe(s):
Karl Erik Freehand (have about 10 of them)

Favorite pipe smoker:
Ivan R. Belvis (brother), because he brought me into the pipe smoking world.

What's manly about smoking a pipe?
It takes patience and time to learn the art or pipe smoking, and all of its lore. It’s a real man who can dedicate himself to an art, or hobby for all that matter.

How did you start smoking a pipe?
I’d had wanted to try the pipe for a long while, even while in high school. Being a fan of all that is classic and has a certain form of etiquette, the pipe community had drawn me in even before the USMC had. But it was not till I came back from my MOS training that I actually met up with my bro and picked up my first pipe.

What was your most interesting moment as a pipesmoker?
Walking through college having heads turn all of a sudden and meeting face to face with one of my old professors. This he said to me: “You smoke pipes eh? Remember that incomplete you had… well, you passed my class, with an A” (He too was a pipe smoker as I came to find out a few days later)

Miscellania you'd like to add:
I’m an Eagle Scout


  1. Love the bit about learning all of the lore. Isn't it a great hobby for the endless amount of information that you don't need to enjoy it, but somehow enhances the experience. Like fly-fishing! Ah, manliness at it's finest.

  2. He's Quidcorpus on youtube :)

  3. My other Favorite pipe smoker is Natalia Butler- my lovely girlfriend :)


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