Featured Pipe Smoker: Bro Gregg

Gregg (pictured here with the Boswells)

Profession: Customer service guy

Location: Northeast Kansas

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/brogreggblues

Years smoking a pipe:
Not that easy to answer. Started enjoying pipe smoking in college, stayed with it for three or four years. After a 20+ year hiatus, I've been at it again for six months or so.

Favorite blends:
VA blend: Macbaren Virginia #1.
English blend: Boswell Northwoods.
Burley blend: Hearth and Home Classic Burley Kake.
Aromatic blend: Boswell Bear Blend.

Favorite pipe(s):
Boswell rusticated Jumbo Oom Paul (see photo), also a Mario Grandi rusticated bent egg.

Favorite pipe smoker: My uncle Joe.

What's the best part of smoking a pipe?
Of the many great aspects of pipesmoking, the one I like best is the "retro" factor. Helps me feel connected to fine gentlemen of yesteryear.

What's manly about smoking a pipe?
Brings about self-discipline, patience, inner peace, and courtesy toward others. All are wonderful masculine qualities.

How did you start smoking a pipe?
Around age 19, I went to my local tobacconist, and lied to him. I said I was shopping for a pipe for my dad. After asking a few questions, the tobacconist figured out I really was shopping for myself. He hooked me up with a beautiful no-name smooth bent billiard with cool swirly yellow lucite stem. The rest is history.

Pipesmoking smells good, tastes good, and curbs the appetite. And my wife lets me smoke in the house. What could be better?