Featured Beer Drinker: Ivan Belvis

I think we should assume that this is Ivan's hand.
Ivan Belvis


Profession: Music Producer/Audio Engineer

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Years as a craft/fine beer drinker: 15

Favorite styles:

Favorite beers:
Kofresi - Handcrafted Sout - Old Harbor Brewery (www.oldharborbrewery.com)
Santo Viejo - Handcrafted Pilener - Old Harbor Brewery
Taína - Handcrafted Seasonal Beer - Old Harbor Brewery
Medalla – Local (Puerto Rican) Beer

What's the best beer drinking experience you ever had?
It was the first time I drank Guinness. I was in Key West in an Irish pub. I asked for a cup of Guinness and it was like love at first sight. That day was Mardi Grass season and there was a huge party with music and girls flashing around... It was a great experience...

What's manly about drinking beer?
Tasting the dedicated handcrafted product and the selection of Ingredients that create the perfect beer.

What was your funniest moment as a beer drinker? Back in the day I drank Guinness for the first time...I had so many cups and of course I got drunk so I started walking to ease it and because there was a lot of people in the street because of mardi grass, I accidentally walked into a gay bar and there was a drag queen show and because of the huge crowd outside I had to stay inside that bar like 2 hours. I ended taking pictures with the drag queens and everybody there...


  1. Yeap, That's my left hand while in my right hand holding the camera...
    Holding a 48 oz mug filled with Kofresí Beer


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