Yoplait Emasculinity

The wife and I were watching White Collar on Hulu, and a commercial for Yoplait yogurt popped on. In it, a woman is talking to a friend on the phone, describing all the delicious things she's been eating, that she can't resist and has to always keep in the house. Key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, red velvet cake. The woman's husband overhears her, and while she talks, is frantically searching the fridge for these sweet delights. He shoves stacks of Yoplait yogurt from one side of the fridge to the other in desperation. Of course, the woman is on a diet, and is describing different Yoplait flavors.

My thought was basically "Pff...", and as the words "That poor sucker is on his wife's diet" ran through my brain, my wife patted my belly and said, "That poor sucker is on his wife's diet." It's good to have a woman who appreciates a man who isn't subject to the dietary whims of his wife.

By the way, note what a doofus the man is.