Featured Pipe Smoker: Bryan H.

Bryan H. (SensicalPipe on YouTube)

Senior Oracle Database Admin

Years smoking a pipe:3 1/2 years

Favorite blends:
My top 5:
Esoterica Stonehaven
GL Pease Chelsea Morning
Peterson Irish Flake
Gawith Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented
Escudo Navy Deluxe

Favorite pipe(s):
That's like asking who my favourite child is!! Let's see...I really love my Peterson Deluxe System 9s, commissioned Ryan Quagliata, Peterson System XL305 (both of them), and I'm becoming quite fond of my new giant Johs.

Favorite pipe smoker:
Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman...I love Christmas. In reality, Albert Einstein would be the obvious one....ain't he so smart?

What's the best part of smoking a pipe?
Sitting back in a chair and realizing the next hour or two are all to myself. I think all the things that go into a particular pipe sitting are also fantastic...choosing pipe/tobacco combination, preparing tobacco, packing, lighting and smoking!

What's manly about smoking a pipe?
What's not manly about it? It's wood in the hand...it's fire in the bowl...and it's tasty smoke in the mouth!

How did you start smoking a pipe?
I'm the kind of guy who just tries things in life. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't! I've always enjoyed a nice cigar but was not into them as I am with the pipe. My grandfather (my namesake) smoked a pipe and I think I just subconsciously added it to my "bucket list". At 38, I headed into a local store that sold pipes, cigars, newspapers and chocolate bars....after the horrible first experience, I was hooked!

What was your most interesting moment as a pipesmoker?
Sucking a hot ember to the back of my throat was pretty compelling for me to stop attempting to light every last piece of tobacco in the bowl...it was probably also the funniest moment, too!

Miscellany: Proud father of two awesome little boys and a happy husband of my beautiful wife!


  1. Oh the ritual! Right on, Bryan. Thanks for this feature and the videos.


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