Weekend With Aunt Jen

My sister visited over the weekend (arriving late Wednesday, actually). I had a very busy weekend already on the books, but I was able to hang out with Jennifer and little Alex a little, especially Saturday morning. Jen and I went out to the yard, I lit up a pipe, and the kids had a blast running around. Little Joffre mastered climbing on top of the playhouse Grandparents Floyd gave us.

Earlier in the week Kimberly and Jennifer took all the kids to the zoo. For three days that was all I heard about from all the kids. Here's Renata with cousin Alex.

Here are the chitlins hanging with Aunt Jen at the playground outside the Greenville Zoo. Renata learned to swing on her own, which she's very excited about.

On Saturday everyone went over to Furman University to watch my rugby team (St. Andrew's RFC) play the Gastonia Gargoyles. Besides a mind-blowing gaffe early in the match, I played well, which is important to one when there's an audience. And we won! There's me being brought down. The skinny dude behind me scored two tries, which just goes to show being smart is better than being big or fast in rugby.

The kids had fun hanging out at the field. Ward's already built like a prop!

Jennifer took a while to get around to child number two, but it's currently in utero and on the way! Expect delivery late summer. Let the cousinage blossom!


  1. We had such a great time! If only you guys weren't eight hours away, you'd get the pleasure of our company more often...
    Did you notice little Joffre and I are squeezed in behind Alex and Renata in the zoo photo?

  2. Huh. I hadn't noticed. Now it's a distracting image to look at...


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