YouTube Craziness & Beer Reviews

Most of you know that Kimberly and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to books (and theology and poetry et alia), called SilverChairBookStore and found here.

Some of you know that I have a personal YouTube called JoffreTheGiant, dedicated mostly to pipe smoking, with the occasional cigar or random bit of viral nonsense.

I would occasionally post on JoffreTheGiant brief beer reviews, often to accompany whatever tobacco I was enjoying at the time. I've decided to go ahead and launch a separate beer review channel. Most beer reviews on YouTube, which go through a standard five-step process of appearance, smell, palate, flavor, and overall effect, are lengthy and take a bit of commitment to watch. With that in mind, the new channel is TwoMinuteBeerReview. Below is the first review, which came in at two and a half minutes. I'll work on getting it in under two!