Kimberly Insists On Cuban Sandwiches

Yesterday my West Palm Beach wife insisted on having Cuban sandwiches. She says she loves my pressed sandwiches, but the whole Cuban recipe of pork, ham, pickles, and mustard has never been super appealing to me. It's fine, but I can think of other more delightful pressed sandwiches, like a Milanese. But when the wife expresses a passionate need for sandwich satisfaction, I provide that satisfaction.

I used the "artisan" whole wheat bread that Kimberly had made earlier in the day. It was what we had. We both knew a baguette-type thing would have been better, but...

Mayo on the inside, a little butter on the outside.

Best way to smoosh down the sandwich if you're doing it without a griddle is just to use a heavy iron skillet on top of the frying sandwiches.


  1. They were delicious! Joffre enjoyed them a lot even though he sounds so lukewarm here.

  2. Kimberly, I totally understand the South Florida jonesin' for some Cuban! Not much here in Charlottesvile. Thanks for the idea!


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