Focus on The Right Stuff

The three older kids (6, 4, 3) and I were at a local pizza joint called The Wild Ace, which has a cool military aviation theme. B-25s Mitchells and F4U Corsairs and P-51 Mustangs hang from the rafters. Posters of Baron Von Richtoffen's red triplane and American P-47 squadrons line the walls. Renata, Joffre, George, and I sit in the corner near the window, where I sit with my back to a World War II-style pin-up. The long-legged blond has a silk shirt tied up above her midriff, and her cut-off jean shorts are...let's say...appropriate to the South Pacific. She stands on the wing of my favorite fighter, the F4U Corsair.

Renata and Joffre pipe up, "That girl's unmodest."

"That's right, kids."

George seems slightly disappointed. "Yeah, but her airplane is really cool!"

Ah, I have taught them well. So we got to move on to a discussion of the sixteen kill marks on the fighter.


  1. So the question remains: is your boasting about how well you've trained your kids unmodest? ;-)


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